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mavidpancakes's Journal

Mavid Pancakes
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Whether you believe in it or not, The Great Pancake exists and Mavid shall be its saviour!

If you enjoy Pancakes and Mavid, this is the community for you! Whether you discuss recipes or Mavid, share your thoughts and photos of pancakes resembling Mavid. It could very well be the coming of the apocolypse if your pancake one morning looks like David Cook on the crapper.

- be courteous to one another - the way to The Great Pancakes' heart is love. And a little meth.
- must have a love for the following: Mavid, pancakes, waffles, crepes, french toast, maple syrup, Canadians, bunnies,
- posts have to consist of both PANCAKES & MAVID!
- fan-fiction allowed but must consist of pancakes and Mavid AND CANNOT be dirty but can involve innuendo (stupid/silly funny is always welcome)
- see more rules at this post

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